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North High School

140 Harrington Way
Worcester, MA 01604
United States
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508-754-6829 x3009
Youth Services Available to Students Enrolled Here


Name Program Telephone
Brenda Gutierrez
Education Advisor
GEAR UP 508-749-5723
Fax: 508-799-8252
Rachelle Lappinen
13th Year and Workforce Readiness Coordinator
GEAR UP 508-368-4616
Fax: 508-799-8252
Anne Muirhead
Senior Education Advisor
GEAR UP 508-754-6829 x3007
Fax: 508-799-8252
Matthew Perreault
Education Advisor
GEAR UP 508-854-2967
Fax: 508-799-8252
Taryn Tomkins
Director of Worcester GEAR UP
GEAR UP 508-826-8567
Fax: 508-799-8252