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About Us

MassEdCO is the Commonwealth's largest provider of community-based education and career readiness services for low-income, first generation, underrepresented and marginalized youth and adults in Massachusetts, serving some 12,000 individuals each year.

Our Mission:

To provide education and career readiness services that empower low-income, first generation, underrepresented and marginalized students and adults to achieve their full potential.

Our Vision:

To bridge the equity gap in postsecondary education attainment for low-income, first generation, underrepresented and marginalized youth and adults in Massachusetts

Our Values:

Empowerment, Opportunity, Diversity, Commitment

Our Strategic Plan: 2022-2026

1. Advance Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) 

  • Ensure MassEdCO and partners policies and practices are equitable and without bias; 
  • Reinforce positive interactions among members of MassEdCO community to foster and promote an enduring sense of belonging; 
  • Build community, both internal and external, rooted in collaboration, inclusivity and engagement; 
  • Increase access, enrollment, and persistence for traditionally marginalized groups in education populations. 

2. Strengthen Advising Operations Statewide 

  • Ensure technology, data, staff diversity, expertise and schedule flexibility support hybrid model of education and career readiness advising; 
  • Develop and implement culturally responsive career advising strategies;  
  • Provide ongoing professional development to staff which strengthens their cultural awareness, education/career and financial counseling skills; 
  • Continue to raise MassEdCO’s visibility in targeted communities and with key stakeholders; 
  • Enhance social media presence for more meaningful student and partner experiences. 

3. Sustain Financial and Organizational Strength and Stability 

  • Meet U.S. Dept. of Education project objectives each project year to ensure maximum Prior Experience Points (PEP) are awarded in next round of federal grant competitions; 
  • Maintain commitment to competitive staff salaries and benefits; 
  • Maintain fiscal stability of the organization, in part, through the prudent management of MassEdCO's physical location, real estate holding(s), and/or lease(s); 
  • Maintain Liquid Unrestricted Net Assets (LUNA) of 4-6 months; 
  • Engage Board and community in support of unrestricted fundraising activities; 
  • Grow investment portfolio within the limits of prudent investment management objectives that focus on long-term, sustainable investment returns.  

Adopted by the MassEdCO Board of Directors on January 6, 2022 


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