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484 Main Street
Worcester, MA 01608
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Youth Services Available to Students Enrolled Here


Name Program Telephone
Mark Bilotta
508-754-6829 x3012
Fax: 508-797-0069
Dorothy Daoust
Human Resource Manager
508-754-6829 x3010
Fax: 508-797-0069
Susan Jennings
Fiscal Manager
508-754-6829 x3013
Fax: 508-797-0069
Anne Muirhead
Education Advocate
Educational Talent Search, On Our Way 508-754-6829 x3007
Fax: 508-797-0069
Diane Ouellet
Executive Assistant to CEO / Office Manager
508-754-6829 x3028
Fax: 508-797-0069
Nancy Piscitelli
Program Assistant
508-754-6829 x3004
Fax: 508-797-0069
Bledar Ramo
Technical Administrator
508-754-6829 x3006
Fax: 508-797-0069
Janet Rivard
Finance Director
508-754-6829 x3018
Fax: 508-797-0069