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High School Student Services

Preparing for College/Vocational Training

It’s important to take the right courses while in high school so you will have lots of options for further education when you graduate.  MassEdCO can help with:

  • Course selection
  • SAT and ACT registration and prep
  • Referral to tutoring and other academic resources to help you get good grades

Choosing what to study

The program of study (or college major) that you choose has an important impact on your career possibilities.  MassEdCO advising can lead you to better decisions about a college major based on the careers you are most interested in.  We will also help you look at trade and technical schools, if those options make sense for you. Services include:

  • College major explorations
  • Career interest assessments
  • Field trips to colleges and universities

Choosing where to attend

Finding the right school and the right program of study at the right price is critical to your success. MassEdCO can assist in choosing an appropriate school or program for you. Services include:

  • Education regarding the different types of degrees and schools available to you
  • Research into bachelor and associate degrees, as well as professional certifications
  • Comprehensive individual advising
  • Preparing you for the challenges of higher education

Applying to school

The college application process can be complicated, requiring the help of your guidance counselors, teachers and community members. MassEdCO advisors can help you sort through the requirements for the institution that would be the best match for your educational goals.  Services include assistance with:

  • Admissions applications process, including specialized processes such as summer bridge programs
  • Application fee waivers (when applicable)
  • SAT and ACT fee waivers (when applicable)
  • Determining any special tests you may need to take depending on your academic background

Paying for school

Figuring out how to pay for college can be an overwhelming process. There are a lot of unfamiliar terms and processes involved in applying for and receiving financial aid. MassEdCO advisors are trained to help you through each step of the financial aid process.  Services include assistance with:

  • Completing financial aid forms such as FAFSA, CSS Profile, and institutional forms
  • Scholarship search and application process
  • Interpreting financial aid awards and finding the most cost-effective options for financing your postsecondary education

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