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Adult Learners

Each year, MassEdCO advisors provide education and career readiness services to about 5,000 adults throughout Massachusetts. Our goal is to help our adult clients make postsecondary choices that are both good academic and financial fits.

Career Selection

How do I decide what career is best for me?

Did you know that most adults spend 30 to 50 years of their life working?  MassEdCO advising can lead you to better decisions about a future career path that best suits you.  Services include:

  • Career interest assessments
  • Career exploration activities
  • Labor market projections
  • Individualized interviewing techniques

Education Choice

Finding the right school, and the right program of study at the right price is critical to your success.  MassEdCO can assist in choosing an appropriate school or program for you.  Services include:

  • College search process
  • Vocational training opportunities
  • Comprehensive individual advising
  • Preparing you for the challenges of higher ed

​​Application Process

How to Get In

The entrance process can be complicated at times and differs from school to school and program to program.  MassEdCO advisors can help you sort through the requirements for the institution that would be the best match for your educational goals.  Services include assistance with:

  • Admissions applications process
  • Application fee waivers (when applicable)
  • Brainstorming solutions to overcome barriers to your education
  • Overcoming barriers to your education and meeting requirements for admissions

Financing Your Education

How to pay for college or other postsecondary education

Figuring out how to pay for college can be an overwhelming process.  MassEdCO advisors are trained to help you through each step of the financial aid process.  Services include assistance with:

  • Completing financial aid forms such as FAFSA, CSS Profile, and institutional forms
  • Scholarship search
  • Interpreting financial aid awards and finding the most cost-effective options for financing a college or other postsecondary education
  • Seeking help to resolve defaulted student loan issues

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