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On Our Way

Education for a Bright Tomorrow

MassEdCO’s On Our Way program helps teen parents stay on track, graduate from high school and continue their education, creating a brighter future for themselves and their children. 

On Our Way is focused on the education needs of the student mother, while insuring a wide array of support services are in place for the parenting needs of that student.

This enables the mother to focus her energies on her education and her family’s future.

Anne St. John Muirhead, MA, JD
(508) 754-6829 x3007

How the program works

The education advocate works with teen and young adult mothers who are residents of the City of Worcester. The education advocate:

  • Acts as the liaison between the student mother and her school community
  • Develops individual education plans for each student
  • Assesses career interests for each student and explores the “soft skills” needed for employment
  • Assists the student in researching postsecondary programs
  • Refers students to academic support services (tutoring, MCAS and SAT support, fee waivers, etc.)
  • Provides college admissions and financial aid application assistance
  • Encourages family involvement
  • Creates summer programming to help student mothers stay focused and motivated

Who is involved

In addition to the On Our Way education advocate, MassEdCO draws on the assistance and resources of its own in-school education advisors. 

The education advocate utilizes professionals at well-established social service and health care agencies that promote parenting skills and provide early childhood education and care, and available day care.

This program is funded by United Way of Central Massachusetts and the Greater Worcester Community Foundation.

"Receiving a quality education is perhaps the single greatest determinant in the ability of a teen mother to build a strong, self-sufficient and fulfilling life for herself and her child.”  - Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy, Annual Report, 2013


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