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Create-a-Future Campaign

MassEdCO has entered the crowdfunding age with its first online campaign: Create a Future! We're inviting friends, family and colleagues to join us in our mission to ensure that youth and adults reach their full potential. 

Since 1973, Massachusetts Education and Career Opportunities, Inc. (MassEdCO) has empowered economically and educationally disadvantaged people of all ages "find their future" through education, enabling them to reach their full academic and career potential. Thousands are served each year across the State. 

Currently, MassEdCO can serve less than 7% of the students in our target areas in need of access and support services. We want to help more of them with academic and career advising and financial aid application assistance.

Some numbers that matter

~ Only 68% of low-income students who begin high school in Massachusetts graduate. MassEdCO participants graduate at a rate of 92%.

~ Only 65% of low-income high school graduates enroll in a postsecondary program. MassEdCo participants enroll at a rate of 87%.

And, on average, only 55% of Massachusetts first-time college freshmen graduate within six years. Those who don't go to school are losing out on their futures - and ours! 

Massachusetts needs an educated workforce in order to grow and sustain a strong economy.

By joining us, you can help create a future!

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Release Date: 
December 13, 2017