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Brockton Area Educational Opportunity Center

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Available to Adults and Youth

Due to COVID-19, our centers are currently closed, but MassedCO advisors are available to answer calls and emails.

About Us

With a fundamental belief in the importance of building equity, diversity and inclusion in postsecondary education for underrepresented students, we provide personalized guidance and encouragement to support Massachusetts high school students, parents, and adults pursuing education beyond high school. Our community walk-in centers support thousands of individuals each year. Supported by federal TRIO grants, we help high school and post-high school find the right education option beyond high school; successfully apply and enroll; find scholarships and financial aid; and find lifelong learning opportunities to navigate their higher education and career journey as the needs arise.

Our History

In 2002, the Brockton Center was founded to meet the college planning needs of families from low income and first-generation backgrounds. The Center is dedicated to enhancing equitable access to postsecondary opportunities for all. Given this critical need, the Brockton Center helped helped hundreds of thousands of families to plan for their higher education needs. Today, MassEdCO's Brockton  Center has evolved to assist individuals throughout the South Shore to provide individualized and group counseling about higher education planning, college affordability and persistence. 


While the services at the Center provides differ depending on individual needs, our advisor always help students: 

  • Identify career options 
  • Build a balanced college list
  • Build and revise college and scholarship essays
  • Submit applications for college and career training programs
  • Apply for financial aid
  • Search for scholarships
  • Review financial aid packages
  • Select a college that is a good match based on affordability and student fit

Interested in meeting with an advisor? Please contact Chakela Crawford, Site Director, at 508.586.3100.

Community Outreach

MassEdCO staff provides community outreach workshops and presentations to school districts, community-based organizations, and faith institutions on providing guidance on getting into and paying for college, as well as pursuing career-building opportunities. This service is available free to all nonprofit entities.

To request education and career planning workshops or presentations for your organization, please contact Chakela Crawford, Site Director, at 508.586.3100.



Name Program Telephone
Chakela Crawford
Site Director
Educational Opportunity Center 508-586-3100
Fax: 508-797-0069
Felicia Lauture
Education Advisor
Educational Opportunity Center 508-586-3100
Fax: 508-797-0069