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Sheila Gamble Cook Scholarship Form

The MassEdCO Education and Career Planning Center is no longer accepting applications for the Shelia Gamble Cook Scholarship program.

The application period officially closed on Friday, May 6th at 5:00 p.m.  


2022-23 Academic Year

Deadline: May 6, 2022


The Sheila Gamble Cook fund offers scholarships to students with financial need who display a commitment to serving others (in school, their community, or at home), a strong work ethic, leadership qualities and aspirations for higher learning. The Sheila Gamble Cook Scholarship is a one-time scholarship that awards $1,000 to students whose socioeconomic backgrounds and environmental conditions may inhibit their ability to persevere and attain their educational and career goals.


  1. Applicant must be a current client of the Educational Opportunity Center (EOC) in Boston Education and Career Planning Center.
  2. Applicant must have graduated or be expected to graduate with a high school diploma or received their GED by June 2022.
  3. Applicant must be entering or be a current student at a Massachusetts two- or four-year accredited post-secondary institution or vocational program by September 2022.
  4. Applicant must demonstrate strong community service capabilities and potential.
  5. Priority will be given to students from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds and will be based on financial need.

Selection Process

MassEDCO will review all applications and select recipients who MassEdCO believes, in its sole discretion, are best deserving of the Sheila Cook Gamble scholarship awards. We plan to notify selected applicants by the end of June. All scholarship recipients are required to sign an agreement to cooperate with MassEdCO in tracking their post-secondary path.

Application Deadline

Applications must be completed and submitted no later than May 6, 2022 by 5pm.

Personal Data
Educational Plan
New or transfer students: Please attach the letter of admissions acceptance from an accredited post-secondary education institution within Massachusetts that you will be attending
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png.
Verification of Financial Award
Please provide a copy of the following items
Submit 2022-23 FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Aid) confirmation page
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf.
Financial award notification from your school’s financial aid office for 2022-23 school year
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf.
Please use a separate sheet of paper to respond to the following question. Your response should be typed and be approximately 300 words. Include your full name in the top right-hand corner of your answer sheet. Points will be deducted if responses are not typed. Please only submit a file in PDF format.
How have you demonstrated community service and leadership in your school, community or family life? How has this experience impacted your personal decisions and future goals?
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf.