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EOC client finishing degree after 50-year hiatus.

Judith Hayden enrolled at Quinsigamond Community College in the 1960s when the college was fairly new and there were few two-year programs in Massachusetts.  Tuition was $100 a semester – steep for her family at the time, when the minimum wage was just $1.25/hour.  Before long, Judy had to drop out to work full-time and help her folks make ends meet.

Fast-forward 50 years and you will find Judy now finishing her associate’s degree in business at QCC.  As a mature student learner, she says, “My bucket list includes the challenge to earn my degree.  I have gotten credit for work experience through the years.  I love learning – especially anything to do with technology.  And I want to be an inspiration and beacon to my peers that age is truly just a state of mind!”

Judy says that she is grateful to the Worcester Educational Opportunity Center (EOC) “for guiding me through the challenging and complicated avenues of educational, career and financial opportunities.  Thank you, MassEdCO.  I could not do this without you!”